5 awesome benefits of like led parking lot lighting fixtures

Apr 08, 2016
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5 awesome benefits of like led parking lot lighting fixtures

Enhanced performance, brightness and lower long-term costs have led to the successful use of LEDs in replacing other lighting options in commercial applications. Installing pole lamp fixtures with retrofit LED in parking lot lighting can give bigger buildings and commercial spaces, such as offices and hotels, efficient and durable lighting for their parking lots and other areas. LIKE LLC brings you a revolutionary LED insert kit called LIKE, for exterior parking lot lighting fixtures, the most cost efficient solution to convert your existing shoebox parking lot lights to bright illuminating high quality LED lighting. LIKE LLCgives you 5 amazing reasons to use LED parking lot lighting fixtures.


The LED parking lot lighting fixtures from LIKE provide lower energy and maintenance costs. An LED parking lot lighting retrofit has a useful life of 50,000 hours. That means that if your LED parking lot lighting retrofit fixture is on for approximately 11 hours per day, you will not have to replace the fixture for 10 years! Using LIKE parking lot lighting retrofit fixture costs half of new LED fixtures. The standard LIKE uses 72 watts of lighting vs. a conventional bulb using 250-400 watts. That translates into great savings every month on the energy bill! There is no ballast or receptacles and the LED bulbs are guaranteed for 5 years. The LIKE is maintenance free and the savings in wattage will greatly reduce your power bills. Theestimated savings per shoebox light conversion is $16.00 per month based upon a dusk to dawn usage. The LEDs use up to 80% less energy than the halogen or incandescent bulbs. The aluminum mounting plate diffuses heat and reflects light making the product more light effective. It is weather retardant as it is mounted on the flange under the shoebox recessed just enough to keep weather elements from contaminating the LIKE.

Parking lot lighting should make people feel safe and secure. The LIKE LED parking lot lighting retrofit gives a higher concentration of light. It is a design that deters crime and provides additional security for customers using your business parking lot.  The LIKE replaces the 250 watt Halogen light bulb and the obsolete cover lens and transforms the old shoebox light fixture into a vibrant display of daylight light!


The LIKE uses 5000 Kelvin daylight color bulbs which is a very high quality light. Examples of parking lot lights that this product can convert are Lithonia and Thomas shoebox parking lot lights. Apart from these, a LIKE can be customized for the customers’ parking lot.


When you install LIKE parking lot LED fixtures, you create bug free parking lots. It has been tested and proven that the light emitted from LIKE LEDs is such that it does not attract bugs and prevents insect transmitted diseases. Your parking lot lights stay as clean as new since there are devoid of any dead bugs that usually flock to other conventional parking lot lights.