Hire commercial spaces with well lit parking lot in Kansas City

Jul 22, 2016
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Hire commercial spaces with well lit parking lot in Kansas City

‘Barry view buildings’ is one of the widest commercial spaces in Kansas City offering all sorts of amenities, and comforts in one place. The 22, 000 sq ft area is managed by its own real estate agency and offers everything that a perfect commercial space may require. From serene surroundings to exquisite interiors including indoor botanical garden and running fountain let you work in your own paradise. Moreover, the splendid and royal creation will not make you feel any away from home; you get access to world’s best internet service and work in a fully carpeted area comprising the most comfortable couches and work stations. Moreover the complimentary cleaning service provided by the owners let you feel like home; all maintenance and cleanliness bit is taken care by the hired professionals who work five days a week.

To add, one of the most promising features about 22,000 sq ft structure is its well-lit parking lot that comprises of day light LED parking lights giving complete visibility during the night and prevents any theft or housebreaking. Owners Peggy and David Cox ensure everything to be running smoothly and there are no hassles for the tenants. From timely replacement of LED bulbs for the parking lot to daily checking of water and electricity supply and other essential things everything is being taken car by the landlords. Moreover, they offer 21 commercial spaces across three floors that are well-carpeted and equipped with everything that an office may require. Kansas City is one of the top hubs for Tech start-ups in state and is home to thousands of young aspirants and Barry View promises to be one of the best commercial suites offering a safe and secured office space with well-lit commercial parking lot with LED lights.