Like Leds Keep Your Parking Lots Bright, Secure And Bug Free

Apr 08, 2016
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Like Leds Keep Your Parking Lots Bright, Secure And Bug Free

Kansas City, Missouri – March, 2016 – Barry View Building, based in Kansas City, Missouri has found the perfect solution to parking lot lighting. Make your parking lots more welcoming, brighter and more secure and above all, bug free with LIKE LED Insert Kits. Commercial establishments like hotels, gas stations, supermarkets and office buildings have always looked for energy efficient, low cost, durable lighting solutions. LIKE LED fixtures for parking lots make all this possible in a single LED parking lot lighting fixture.The LIKE LED fixtures are designed to deter crime and provide additional security for customers using your business parking lot.

LED parking lot lighting bulbs can last for 50,000 hours or longer which means that even if they are lit dusk to dawn every day, they will last at least ten years. The estimated savings per LIKE LED shoebox light conversion for parking lots is $16.00 per month. The LIKE LEDs use up to 80% less energy than traditional HID lighting. The aluminum mounting plate diffuses heat and reflects light making the product more light effective. The LED fixtures for parking lots are weather retardant since they are mounted on the flange under the shoebox recessed just enough to keep weather elements from contaminating the LIKE.

Lighting represents almost one-quarter of all electricity consumed in a commercial property and lighting retrofits in large areas, such as parking lots, can significantly reduce lighting electricity use by approximately 50% or more. At the same time, with a Kelvin rating at 5,000, the LIKE parking lot lighting produces an excellent light color. The LIKE replaces the 250 watt Halogen light bulb and the obsolete cover lens and transforms the old shoebox light fixture into a vibrant display of daylight light! This makes your parking lot feel far more secure and safer than any other.

LIKE LED parking lot fixtures light up, to full brightness, in milliseconds. This makesthem a safe optionwhen reaction time is important, such as in parking lots. LED light bulbs don’t contain mercury like HID and CFL. Combining that with the fact that they outlast any other light bulb makes the decision to go with LIKE LED quite clear.

Another great advantage you get with LIKE LED fixtures for parking lots is that they do not attract bugs like most lighting. With LIKE, parking lot lighting you create bug free parking lots. It has been tested and proven that the light emitted from LIKE LEDs is such that it does not attract bugs and prevents insect transmitted diseases. Your parking lot lights stay as clean as new since there are devoid of any dead bugs that usually flock to other conventional parking lot lights.