LIKE LLC Launches Revolutionary LED Insert Kits to Make Bug Free Parking Lots

Apr 08, 2016
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LIKE LLC Launches Revolutionary LED Insert Kits to Make Bug Free Parking Lots

Kansas City, Missouri – February, 2016 – LIKE LLC has launched a revolutionary LED insert kit called LIKE, for exterior parking lot shoebox lights, the most cost efficient solution to convert your existing shoebox parking lot lights to bright illuminating high quality LED lighting. Manufactured (patent pending) in the United States, this new on-the-market conversion kit replaces the obsolete lens and all interior parts of the parking lot light. The conversion costs half the price of replacing the heads of the lights with new LED fixtures.

When you install LIKE, you create bug free parking lots. It has been tested and proven that the light emitted from LIKE LEDs is such that it does not attract bugs and prevents insect transmitted diseases. Your parking lot lights stay as clean as new since there are devoid of any dead bugs that usually flock to other conventional parking lot lights.


The LIKE uses 5000 Kelvin daylight color bulbs which is a very high quality light. Examples of parking lot lights that this product can convertare Lithonia and Thomas shoebox parking lot lights. Apart from these, a LIKE can be customized for the customers’ parking lot. All that is necessary is the interior dimensions of the head of the parking lot light. The electricians that replace your parking lot bulbs can give those dimensions to you. L-5 and L-8 models are available.The company is currently customizing a LIKE for Costco Stores.You can switch from conventional 400-1000 watt bulbs to 60-72 or 96 watt LEDs which are a green product and will save a lot of money per month in energy costs to the end user.


Replacing existing light heads with LIKE costs half of what it would if you used new LED fixtures. The standard LIKE uses 72 watts of lighting vs. a conventional bulb using 250-400 watts. That translates into big savings every month on the energy bill! There is no ballast or receptacles and the LED bulbs are guaranteed for 5 years. The LIKE is maintenance free and the savings in wattage will greatly reduce your power bills. The standard 6 bulb unit fits Lithonia Brand shoe box lights but LIKE will design one free of charge for you.


LIKE was founded by Darrell Shackleford, a retired journeyman electrician and the inventor of the LIKE. He can also give you the details on pricing, manufacturing schedule and delivery.You can order the LIKE by contacting 816-569-3357 or email: Darrell Shackelford can answer any technical questions you may have on installation and voltage conversions.