Our Clients

” We have a Dentist, a Chiropractor, several lawyers and numerous counselling agencies. We have insurance agents and Mortgage banking brokers. We even have two hypnotists!” We are a family at Barryview. Most of our  residents tenants have longevity in the building. Our dentist has been in the building for 20 years! Our American Family Insurance Agent has been a resident of the building for 20 years! We love new start-up business and enjoy watching peoples’ businesses grow and prosper

The Barryview Building is so well located. You can go anywhere in Kansas City quickly with the close highway access and the atmosphere in the building is peaceful and quiet with the fountain in the atrium

Skyline Apartments Suite 255

"The Barry View Building is a great place to work. The Atrium provides a soothing atmosphere with the fountain and trees.There is plenty of parking for our patients, and the commercial office suites are large, bright, warm and inviting.

"I am pleased that the owners' office is right across the hall from mine and if I need something the response is immediate. It's awesome to have access to the person that makes the decisions"

Northland Chiropratic

A Few of Our Clients:

  • Dr. Charles Bishop Dental Office
  • Northland Chiropratic
  • Gary Woods American Family  Insurance
  • Security Mortgage